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Annual Gas Safety Check

The Association is required by law to service gas appliances annually within your home. You will be contacted by our contractor City Technical Services who will offer you an appointment for this service to be carried out.

Gas Leaks

If you smell gas or fumes you should:

• Turn off the appliance
• Turn off the gas supply at the meter
• Don’t switch any electrical appliances on
• Put out cigarettes
• Do not use matches or naked flames
• Open doors and windows to allow the gas to disperse and keep them open until the leak has stopped
• Do not use a mobile phone anywhere near the leak
• Check to see if a gas tap has been accidentally left on or if a pilot light has gone out
• Contact Scottish Gas Network on 0800-111-999

Scottish Gas Network will attend and trace the leak, and, if necessary, carry out any repair to remove the emergency. The Associations contractor will also attend and carry out any remedial works.

Never attempt to fit, repair or service your gas central heating or cooker yourself. Work should be carried out by suitably qualified individuals with the appropriate Gas Safe registrations.

Electrical Safety

Remember that most accidents involving electricity can be avoided if you follow some simple advice such as:

• If your sockets are faulty or are overheating contact Craigdale
• Never tamper with electricity, get expert help
• Never overload electrical power points
• Use electrical socket adaptors as little as possible and use adaptors only for low loaded items such as table lamps, radio’s, alarm clocks etc.
• Make sure all plugs are wired correctly with the correct fuse fitted
• Never take electrical appliances in to the bathroom
• Always unplug appliances when they are not in use
• Check flexes regularly
• Never use damaged flexes or run them under carpets or rugs
• Consider buying plug safety covers if you have young children
• Always use a circuit breaker when using any electrical appliance outside e.g. hedge trimmers, lawn mowers etc.