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Condensation and mould can cause damage to your home.

This happens when moist air comes into contact with a cool surface, such as when your windows steam up. If this happens to a wall, it can become damp and mould can grow.

We create moist air in our homes all the time, such as when we cook, bathe and shower. To prevent this moist air turning into condensation, keep your home warm and well ventilated. This is important.

Make sure to open windows or use extractor fans while cooking, bathing or showering. Avoid drying clothes indoors, unless in a properly vented tumble dryer.  DO NOT dry washing over radiators as this stops the radiator from working properly and will cause condensation. If you do have to dry indoors, use a clothes horse and open the window and close the doors to send the moist air outside.

If you still have a problem with mould or damp after following this advice, it could be the result of a burst or leaking pipe. If you think this may be the case, call us on 0141-634-6473 to report the problem.

For further inforamtion on how Craigdale will deal with damp and mould see our Policy.